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St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic School views fun, competitive team play as an important aspect of a child's education and development. Our ability to field a team in any of the sports mentioned is always dependent on the interest level shown by the students.

The sports programs are coordinated with city leagues and other school leagues. The students participating in our sports programs are coached by parent volunteers in a supportive, team focused environment. Our teams have been extremely successful in interleague play in the past few years and have won numerous athletic titles.

St. Anne & St. Jude students can also participate in various sports offered through St. Francis Xavier High School. Sixth through eighth grade students can compete on the St. Francis Xavier cross-country and swimming teams. Seventh and eigth grade students can participate on the volleyball team. Eighth grade students can compete on the St. Francis Xavier soccer, basketball, and softball teams.

For families that are new to Sumter, it might be helpful to know that there are also other opportunities for competitive athletics through various community organizations. This information is offered for informational purposes only and is not intended as an endorsement by the school. In most cases, these activities include tournaments or other competitive opportunities.

Soccer - Sumter Soccer Club & Sumter Parks & Recreation (if available)
Swimming - YMCA
Baseball - Sumter Parks & Recreation
Gymnastics - Miss Libby's School of Dance & Gymnastics
Tennis - Palmetto Tennis Center
Golf - Crystal Lakes Golf Course and Sunset Country Club
Dance - Carolina Mack Center for the Arts OR Miss Libby's School of Dance & Gymnastics