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Faculty and Staff Directory


Principal: Mrs. Kristi Doyle

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Denise Spivey

Receptionist: Mrs. Laurie Pelletier

Name Yrs Exp. / Position Degree(s) and School Email
Kristi Doyle 20/16 Principal BS - Medical University of SC principal@sasjcs.com
Med - University of SC
Denise Spivey 11/11  Asst. Principal/MS Religion BS - North Carolina Wesleyan College dmspivey@sasjcs.com
Natalie Fappiano 1/1 K5 BS - Baylor University nfappiano@sasjcs.com
MS - Emporia State Univeristy
Amy Doneth 23/20 1st Grade BA - Mississippi Univeristy for Women adoneth@sasjcs.com
Kelly Snell 19/19 2nd Grade BA - University of SC ksnell@sasjcs.com
Allison Austin 9/9 3rd Grade BS - University of North Carolina
Kristy Primeaux 1/1 4th Grade BS - Grand Canyon University kprimeaux@sasjcs.com
Deanna Woodberry 2/2 5th Grade Homeroom /
MS Math
BS - Francis Marion University dwoodberry@sasjcs.com
Med - Grand Canyon University
Leah Kiernan 14/8 6th Grade Homeroom / MS English/Literature BA - Columbia College lkiernan@sasjcs.com
Robert Carneal 38/4 7th Grade Homeroom/MS Science BS - Clemson University rcarneal@sasjcs.com
Med - University of SC
Daniel Spivey 4/4 8th Grade Homeroom/MS Social Studies BA - North Carolina Wesleyan College djspivey@sasjcs.com
Laurie Holzapfel 4/4 Librarian BA - West Chester University lholzapfel@sasjcs.com
Anne Marie Suchomski 1/4 Music BA - Anderson University amsuchomski@sasjcs.com
Mike Davey 1/1 Physical Education BS - Slippery Rock University
MSS - Army War College
Jennifer Davis-Webb 0/1 Algebra / Art After School Care AA - Colorado Technical University jdavis@sasjcs.com
BA - Colorado Technical University
MBA - Colorado Technical University
Olga Jimenez 0/1 Spanish Latin University of Panama ojimenez@sasjcs.com
Laurie Pelletier 4/4 Secretary AA - Northern Maine Technical College  
Desiree Penman 1/1 After School Care AAS - Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology