First Grade
Language Arts English Grammar
Rowland Programs Adventures of the Superkids is used as a foundation for Language Arts. A comprehensive program of English grammar and writing skills is taught. Voyages in English is used to augment the grammar and writing instruction.

Language Arts Reading
The SRA Reading Laboratory is used to practice skills and check student progress. The Rowland Reading program uses components: word attack, comprehension, fluency, spelling and writing to master their language. Reading children's literature allows students to read for enjoyment and build reading fluency and vocabulary development.

Language Arts Spelling
The weekly spelling list is taken from the Rowland Program. Students practice spelling, usage, and meanings throughout the week. Daily spelling and dictation practices help the students develop spelling mastery.

Language Arts Writing
The students write in their class journals weekly.

Language Arts Handwriting
The students use the Zaner-Bloser style of manuscript lettering. Correct formation and spacing is emphasized.

Students use the Pearson Program's enVision Math that enables children to develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of mathematics. A multi-sensory approach to teaching builds on prior learning. In-class guided practice and independent homework practice mirror problems completed in class. Number sense, numeration, concepts of a whole number operations, whole number computation, fractions, decimals, geometry and spatial relationships, measurement, data analysis and statistics, probability, algebra, and functions are taught and practiced in class.

The students study science using the Scott Foresman textbook during the first semester. Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and the Human Body are studied. Hands-on experiments and projects are conducted throughout the course.

Social Studies
During the second semester the students use Harcourt Brace for social studies instruction. Geography, Citizenship, History, Economics, and Culture are studied.

Northern Arizona University's Elementary Spanish DVD series is viewed weekly.

Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer Library
Classes in each area are attended weekly. Specialists in each field study provide the instruction.      

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