Fourth Grade
Numeration- Place Value and Rounding
Multiplication of Whole Numbers 4 Digits by 1 Digit
Multiplication of Whole Numbers 2 Digits by 2 Digits
Division by 1-Digit Divisors With and Without Remainders
Fractions Equivalence and Ordering
Operation with Fractions
Decimals to Hundredths- Addition, Subtraction Multiplication
Areas and Perimeter
Measurement and Graphs  

Scientific Method
Energy: Electricity, Sound, and Light
Energy Sources
Motion and Simple Machines  

Social Studies
United States Geography
Life in the Colonies
Tension in the Colonies
The American Revolution
Constitution/Government: A New Nation is Born
Westward Expansion: Treaties, wars, and purchases
The American Civil War: A Nation Divided
Reconstruction: Repairing a Nation  

English Language Arts
Understanding and Using Literary Text
Understanding and Using Informational Text
Learning to Read/Building Vocabulary
Developing Written Communications
Producing Written Communications in a Variety of Forms
Applying the Skills of Inquiry and Oral Communication

Our Father In Heaven 
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus 
The People of God 
Healing Works of Jesus 
The Beatitudes 
The Liturgical Year 
We Celebrate Mass



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