High School English Language Arts
English I/Elements of Literature and Writing   
Classical Greek Mythology 
Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey 
RACE Writing Model for Constructed Responses 
The Elements of a Short Story 
The Essay: Basic Essay Building 
Analyzing Poetry 
The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet 
Literary Criticism 
Biographical and Historical Approaches 
Analyzing World Epic and Myth 
The Novel      

English II/American Literature   
Native American Origin Mythology 
Colonial Period (Puritanism) 
Revolutionary Period (Age of Reason) 
Transcendentalism (1840-60) 
American Gothic 
Harlem Renaissance 
American Southern Gothic 
Beat Movement 
Contemporary Modern Literature 
The Novel       

English III/British Literature   
The Anglo Saxons 
Anglo-Saxon 449-1066 and Medieval Period 1066-1485 
The English Renaissance 1485-1660 
The Restoration/18th Century 
Romanticism 1798-1832 
The Victorians 1832-1900 

English IV/World Literature   
Ancient Sumerian Text 
Greek Tragedy and Epic Poetry 
Introduction to Philosophy and Eastern Culture 
The Western World 
Short Stories from around the World 
Contemporary North American Texts 
Film Analysis 
Who Moved My Cheese?     



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