High School Foreign Language

Spanish I

Introduction to Spanish speaking cultures
Listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish
Greetings and goodbyes
Days of the week and months of the year
Describing friends, likes, and dislikes
Sports and leisure activities; weekend activities
School supplies and items needed for school, school events, and places at school
Describing people (physical and personality), family members
Foods - foods you might order in a restaurant, description of foods, breakfast and dinner
Daily routine, personal items, and parts of the body
Stores and shopping for items
Expressions of time

Spanish II
Expanding key vocabulary topics
Expanding grammar concepts
Describing people (physical and personality)
Expression of likes and dislikes
Professions; introducing people and responding to introductions
Stores and places around town
Sports, reacting to events, competitions
Daily routine
Childhood pastimes
Food tastes, and ordering in a restaurant
Shopping for clothes


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