Middle School Science
5th Grade Science 
Living and Nonliving Factors 
Human Body Systems 
Plant Processes and Functions 
Human Impact on Biomes 
Rock and Mineral Classification 
The Relationships of Earth, Sun, and Moon 
The Solar System, and Beyond   

6th Grade Science
Geologic Time 
Plate Tectonics 
Rocks and Minerals 
Water Cycle and Oceanography 
Causes of Weather and Causes of Climate 
Forces over a Distance 
Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources 
Human Impact on Earth's System   

7th Grade Science 
What is Life? 
Levels of Classification 
Life Processes 
Genetics and Heredity 
Adaptations and the Diversity of Life 
Human Body Systems 
Health and Wellness 

8th Grade Science
Forces and Motion 
Relationship between Objects and Energy 
Thermal Energy Transfer and Temperature 
Interactions of Atoms and Mass Conservation 
Chemical Reactions and Heat Transfer 
Energy and Interactions of Waves 



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