Middle School Social Studies
5th Grade Social Studies (American History)
World Geography
Antebellum America & The American Civil War
Westward Expansion Post-Civil War
Industrialization, Migration, and Big Business
Rise of the United States
Twenties and Thirties
World War II
Cold War Era Civil Rights Movement
America's Role in Today's World  

6th Grade Social Studies (World History: Ancient Civilizations)
Mesopotamia and Early Civilizations
Ancient Egypt and the Israelites
Eastern Civilizations (Ancient India & China)
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
African Empires North and South of the Sahara
Mesoamerican Empires
The Dark Ages and the Medieval Era
Early Renaissance  

7th Grade Social Studies (World History: 1500 to Present)
Middle Ages and Renaissance
Reformation and Age of Discovery
Exploration and Colonization
Enlightenment and Revolutions
Imperialism and Colonial Empires
Nationalism and War World I
Rise of Fascism and Communism and WWII
The Cold War Era
The Modern Era and the 21st Century  

8th Grade Social Studies (United States & South Carolina History)
Exploration and Colonization
Statehood and Government
Antebellum America
The American Civil War and Reconstruction
The New South, Industrialization, and Expansion
World War Years: World War I & World War II
Rights and Responsibilities
The Technological Age
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