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"Christ is the reason for this school. He is the unseen but ever-present teacher in its classrooms. He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students."   - Author Unknown

At St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic School, our fundamental task is the education of the whole person. We believe that in addition to challenging our students academically, physically, and socially, we must also nurture our students spiritually and morally. At the heart of this approach is the belief that all of our students are children of God. We believe in treating each student with the dignity and love that is inherent in being a child of God. We also teach the students to recognize their fellow students as their brothers and sisters in Christ. St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic School exists not merely to educate, but to help nurture the reality that we are all made in the likeness of God.

We also strive to be catholic, meaning "universal," in the truest sense of the word. We welcome all denominations equally and without reservation, just as Jesus did. Ultimately, Jesus is the role model we try to follow every day. The Holy Spirit gives us the strength, courage, and patience to do our best with this awesome task that parents entrust to us.

Integration of Spiritual Life into the School Day: We believe, and our students' parents tell us, that one of the strengths of our Catholic school environment is that we are able to integrate Christian faith into the school day. Children experience their faith as something that is interwoven into the fabric of their lives-not something that is separate from, or irrelevant to, daily life. This can be seen in the way we relate to one another, the way we start our day, the way we participate in the Mass, and the way we provide service to our community.  While we enjoy sharing our faith, we appreciate and respect the diversity of all religions.

Even though we are a school, we function more as a family, challenging and helping each other daily. Our family begins each day gathered together for Morning Assembly to praise God in song and in prayer. We then say our Pledge of Allegiance. Our students are encouraged to share their blessings by donating items for a diverse array of charities. Birthdays and special events are celebrated, and reminders are given. We then go to our classes to continue the mission God has entrusted to us.

Daily Religion Class: All St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic School students attend religion classes at their grade level. The textbooks for these classes were carefully chosen to support the religion curriculum written by the Diocese of Charleston. Students learn about the life and teachings of Jesus, the Old and New Testaments, faith, tradition, personal prayer, the Trinity, the Sacraments, Christian morals and values, making Christian choices, and much, much more. We continually seek to help students understand how their faith is relevant to their everyday lives. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss spiritual issues. As students develop their religious knowledge and understanding, their spiritual growth parallels their intellectual development.

Sacrament Preparation: Second-grade Catholic students are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the First Holy Communion.

Weekly Mass: Students (from Kindergarten on up) attend a weekly all school Mass at St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic Church. Students from all faiths participate in many aspects of the Mass, including liturgical music, ushers, readers, greeters, and altar servers. Students learn to be active participants-rather than passive observers-in the worship service.

Stewardship: At the heart of our religious education is Jesus' teaching to "love one another." We help the students understand their connection to those around them. We teach students that being "compassionate believers" will naturally lead us to being "active citizens." All students are encouraged to give to the charity or to a cause that is designated each month. Other service activities are integrated into classroom religious education. In addition, the Beta Club and Student Senate play a special leadership role in facilitating student service. 

High School Service Hour Program: All High School students are required to reach out to the Sumter community, their church community, and our school community through the Service Hour Program. Students are urged to keep in mind that working together as a school community builds our school family and they should make every effort to participate in school sponsored service projects. Their service hours must be approved and documented by their advisor. The required hours needed per grade are:

Freshman Service Program: 15 hours

Sophomore Service Program: 20 hours

Junior Service Program: 25 hours

Senior Service Program: 30 hours



Morning Assembly: School starts at 7:45 am with morning assembly. All students and teachers gather together to say the Our Father and the Pledge of Allegiance, listen to the morning devotional, and sing an inspirational song. Our principal also gives the daily notes and reminders; then we sing to those celebrating birthdays. Teachers and students are dismissed to begin their day.

Christmas Program: The Christmas program is one of the high points of the school year. The entire student body performs in this production. The program helps bring to life the meaning of the Christmas season for students, and the larger St. Anne & St. Jude family, as well as the community.

Catholic Schools Week: St. Anne & St. Jude Catholic School celebrates our faith during the National Catholic Schools Week. We sponsor many fun activities as well as introspective time to promote mental, spiritual, and physical growth needed for a well-balanced student.

Awards Assembly: Each month we hold a student recognition assembly in which student awards are announced.  The "Character Counts" as well as any other awards are given at this time. Quarterly assemblies are held to present a variety of student awards as well as recognize our honor roll students.

Character Counts: This award is given to recognize and encourage good Christian citizenship among our students.  Each day, faculty and staff look for opportunities to recognize students who are going above and beyond what is expected of them. Deserving students, in turn, are recognized each month in front of the entire student body.




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